1. Contract Research Services

We perform contract research services using the prototype VSOM® System shown on our Home Page (see "Our VSOMŪ System"). If the VSOM® System shown on our Home page works to the satisfaction of a contract research customer, we can arrange for the sale of this system to the customer (as a used or demo unit). Note that the VSOM® System shown on our Home page is fully capable of performing the experiments described on our Technology page.

2. Software Development Services

We offer VSOM® Application Software for HCA imaging instrument operations. We provide custom software development services (and custom hardware modification services, if necessary) for our customers. Note that the feasibility of a software modification or a live cell imaging assay can be tested on our existing VSOM® System before being ported to the imaging systems of our customers.

One of our goals is to VSOM®-enable a wide range of existing HCA imaging instruments by providing user-friendly plug-in (local or cloud-based) VSOM® Application Software that is compatible with existing third-party HCA imaging instrument control software.

Many modern automated HCA imaging instruments are already capable of implementing VSOM® Assays with just a few hardware and software modifications. This is because many modern automated HCA imaging instruments already have the ability to (i) "sense"  (via analysis and interpretation of digital images) individual live cell responses in real-time, (ii) "think" (make automated decisions in real-time), and (iii) "act" (independently execute automated actions in a closed-loop, intelligent manner until one or more user-specified goals are attained).

3. Assay Development Services

Please contact us to learn how we can help you discover and optimize your next live cell assay. We offer a wide range of live cell assay development services. This includes the development of live cell assays that can be implemented on non-imaging instruments such as flow cytometers. For example, we are currently developing an improved assay protocol for the selective labeling and subsequent flow sorting of living cancer stem cells.

4. Industry Research and Consulting

Please contact us for a quote.

VSOM® is a registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office trademark belonging to Live Cell Assays, LLC. Commercial use of patented VSOM Method technologies may require a commercial use license. Contact LCA for details.